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Mardi, 17 Novembre 2015 17:25
Conférence Ziad EL BITAR, CR1 CNRS

The Geant4-DNA Project, past, present and future

Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien
Université de Strasbourg

20 novembre 2015

Amphi 3 - Faculté de Médecine, 22 av. Camille Desmoulins - Brest

The Geant4-DNA Project, past, present and future

Optimizing cancer therapy treatment based on the usage of ionizing radiation remains one of the key challenges of health cancer research programs. Such an optimization could potentially result in lower irradiation doses for the patient, consequently improving the quality of life during treatment, as well as reducing the risk of development of later secondary cancers. In this context, we propose to develop an open source simulation platform able to model the fundamental mechanistic processes involved in ionizing radiation interactions with biological media, at the sub-cellular scale. This simulation platform, so-called “Geant4-DNA” (, was initially proposed by the European Space Agency, in order to provide a simulation tool for the better understanding of ionizing radiation adverse effects during manned space missions. This platform is now a full component of the general-purpose and open-source “Geant4” Monte Carlo simulation toolkit (, and it is freely accessible to the scientific community.

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