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Lundi, 07 Octobre 2013 18:18
Conférence Chris ORVIG, PhD, FRSC, PChem

Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry and
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of British Columbia - Canada

Vendredi 11 octobre 2013

Amphi 3 - Faculté de Médecine, 22 av. Camille Desmoulins - Brest

Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

The role of metal complexes and ligands as therapeutic and diagnostic agents is burgeoning because of medicinal chemistry’s broadening interest in elements from across the Periodic Table; the current annual value of medicinal inorganic chemistry is USD $109-1010. Cis-platin, one success, is the archetypal inorganic drug - it contains not one atom of carbon.

Principles in the design of metal compounds or ligands as drugs will be discussed in detail with examples from work in the speaker’s research laboratories presented as illustration.   These examples are taken from decades of our group’s work in insulin-enhancing vanadium compounds, diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, and multifunctional agents for neurodegenerative diseases and malaria, as well as antibiotic and antiosteoporosis compounds.

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